About the Instructor
Pourya Kaveh was born on 1976 in Tehran. He started martial arts and self defense at the age of 11, and started practicing Shitorio Karate in 1991. Four years later, as he started a University degree in BEng in Irrigation Systems and Design, he regrouped with his close friends, for martial arts exercise sessions. Later on in 1996, he met Sifu Kamran and started Traditional Chinese Kung Fu training with him.

Pourya Kaveh Performing Biu Sao

He was trained in different styles under supervision of Sifu Kamran including: Chinese Boxing, Tai Chi, Escrima and Wing Chun. On 6th of March 2001, he received the International Student Instructor Certificate from WCKFC (Wing Chun Kung Fu Council), authorized by Sifu Kamran and officially started teaching Wing Chun since.
He carried on his academic studies by taking an MSc course in Internet and Multimedia Engineering in 2004 from London South Bank University.
In May 2006 he met Master Ron Heimberger and Sifu Terry in London when the teaching Wing Chun in Manchester was discussed and started at Manchester Sugden Sport Centre and now continues in The Dragon Academy

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