Wing Chun History
This style as legend it has, is founded by a Nun (female Buddhist in temple) who was one of the five great masters in Shaolin temple could escape, after its demolition by the Manchus. She founded the concept of the style by detail observation of the conflict between animals and found out that the most efficient system is
to move and attack in the direct line as it is the shortest distance between to object. Using her deep knowledge of Shaolin Kung Fu she came up with a unique style that was based on human biomechanics rather than the movements of animals, which later on called Wing Chun, after the name of her first student in this style, Miss Yim Wing Chun.

Later, Yim wing chun got married and thaught her skills to her husband Leong Bok Cho. Five generation later, this secret art of fighting reached to a man called IP MAN who was almost the first master that populated Wwing Chun. Most people would know IP MAN for the fact that he was Bruce Lees’ teacher. But before this, he was very famous in Hong Kong for being the best kung fu practioner around.
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