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Ving Tsun (Wing Chun) is a southern Chinese Martial art that follows the basis of using the least amount of required force in fighting situation. In Wing Chun, small but quick movements, properly timed and correctly positioned, can and should be used to defeat large movements. These concepts will make much more sense when we read the history of Wing Chun, which reveals that the founder of this style was a female.In this style we can not entirely focus on physical power and strength. Instead, the concepts is based on redirecting the opponent energy and using his force, against him by putting him in a vulnerable position.

Short Distance
Another concept of Wing Chun is to move and attack in the direct line, the reason is, this is the shortest distance between to point, and in the real fight this method of engaging will block most of the opponent attacks especially when you perform both defend and strike simultaneously (Which is again, another unique advantages of Wing Chun).

Forms are a meditative, solitary exercise which develop self-awareness, balance, relaxation and sensitivity. Forms also train the practitioner in the fundamental movement and the correct force generation of Wing Chun.

It is from the forms that all Wing Chun techniques are derived. Wing Chun generally comprises six forms: three empty hand forms, two weapons forms and one "wooden dummy" form.

Empty Hands
Siu Lim Tao (Little Idea)
The first form in Wing Chun. Siu Lim Tao is the foundation or "seed" of the art from which all succeeding forms and techniques depend. Fundamental rules of balance and body structure are developed here as well as elbow force. Using car analogy; this would provide the chassis. No steps, no lower part of body movement applies in this form.

Chum Kiu
The second form Chum Kiu focuses on coordinated movement of body mass and entry techniques to "bridge the gap" between practitioner and opponent and disrupt their structure and balance. Close-range attacks using the hands, elbows and kicks are also developed here. It also teaches methods of recovering position and centerline when in a compromised position where Siu Lim Tao structure has been lost. Bodyweight in striking is a central theme, whether it be from pivoting(rotational) or stepping(translational). This form provides the engine to the car.

Biu Jee
The third form Biu Jee is comprised of extreme short-range and extreme long-range techniques, low kicks and sweeps, and "emergency techniques" to counter-attack when structure and centerline have been seriously compromised, such as when the practitioner is seriously injured. As well as pivoting and stepping developed in Chum Kiu, a third degree of freedom involving more upper body and stretching is developed for more power. This is the turbo-charger of the car.

Wooden Dummy
The Muk Yan Jong form is performed against a
"wooden dummy", a thick wooden post with three arms and a
leg mounted on a slightly springy frame representing a
stationary human opponent. Although representative of a
human opponent, the dummy is not a physical representation
of a human, but an energetic one. Wooden dummy practice
aims to refine a practitioner's understanding of angles,
positions, footwork and to develop full body power.
It is here that the open hand forms are pieced together and
understood as a whole.

Bruce Lee Performing Wooden Dummy


Once correct force generation in the open-handed forms is
achieved, the student is ready to progress to weapons. With
the open hand forms delivering force to the end of the finger
tips, the idea is to be able to extend that force further to the
end of a weapon as an extension of the body, using the same
Wing Chun uses two types of weapons in its system. One is
called the Luk Dim Boon Goon or the Six and a Half
Pole-Set in English. The other weapon is the Bat chum Dao,
or the Eight Slashing Sword-Set, in English. Although a
misnomer, the swords are often referred to as Butterfly or
Broad Swords in English.
The pole length is between 9 to 12 feet, depending on the
user's stature. The swords' length also varies, depending on
the user's arm length.*

Sikung Ron Heimberger Performing Luk Dim Boon Quan Butterfly Swords

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